Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I try not to get political...

People, you have to understand, your politicians aren't necessarily intelligent. I don't know how it is in other countries, but in the United States the current state of political discourse requires no intelligence from our politicians other than them memorizing a series of talking points given to them.

Please, don't assume that your representatives know what they are doing. You may not be deeply involved in politics or law, but you have the right to criticize all the politicians you want, and everyone else does, too. Not only is it your right, but it's your duty to criticize your government when you feel that they are doing something wrong, because that is the only way it will be changed.

Before voting for someone at least try to find some interviews that they have done, or, in a pinch, a debate (although debates are ridiculous, too, as I've noted). Just try and get an idea for who you are voting for, because right now guys like this, who spout off fear tactics and bigotry to consolidate power, are reaching influential levels of our government. There are way too many power hungry dumb asses in this world, let's try not to have them represent us.

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