Thursday, September 20, 2007

What's up with...

...Reese Witherspoon's chin? I'm watching Pleasantville (good movie! I've seen it half a dozen times) and I realized that lately Reese Witherspoon's chin has grown to ridiculous proportions. I come with photos to prove my point!

Here is Reese at the age of 22 in Pleasantville (1998):

And here she is today:

So what is she storing in that gigantic chin of hers? I think I have found Iraq's WMDs! Somebody alert the president!


phishbone23 said...

Is she the daughter of "The Joker" or something??? That must be doctored!

kevthegreat said...

It's not doctored, dude. Check this and this and this. It's for real! She's got a bigger chin that Bruce Campbell at this point. She used to be hot! What happened?

DrX said...

Still, there's something about that second picture that is off. It looks weird, like it's almost painted or something.

And in those pictures you just posted, she IS hot. Way hot.

kevthegreat said...

I find her much more disturbing than hot right now. Her chin scares me.