Saturday, September 15, 2007

More complaints

It seems like this blog has turned into nothing but me bitching about everything. I have no problem with this, and to continue my streak of bitching posts I bring you this: I just watched the second Pirates of the Caribbean movie, and wow was it awful.

Now, it's not like I thought the first was all that good, but at least it was watchable. I wish the studios would just give up on these lame sequels, but I guess that has always been a problem. Rather than funding any original, creative movies, they would rather give money to Deuce Bigalow II, since they at least have an idea of the audience and what the ticket sales will be. Whether a film is good or not doesn't matter at all, just that there is an audience for it. And that's why Dane Cook is still in movies. As unoriginal a comic, and as awful of an actor he is, he has a known audience that will go see any shit that is churned out as long as he is in it.

But I guess the studios know what they are doing. After all, the lowest grossing film in which Adam Sandler starred was Punch Drunk Love, which was by far the most critically acclaimed film he has been in (and one of my personal favorites). Meanwhile Little Nicky, one of the biggest pieces of shit ever recorded to film, grossed well over twice as much. So, film is a business, and it rewards shit, so that is what is put out as the product. Alright, I guess my bitch session is done for today. Everyone have a good weekend.

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