Thursday, July 26, 2007

Cheerful Philosophical Rantings

I've been rummaging through some of the stuff on my laptop, trying to save anything I want to keep before it dies on me. I have lot's of writings on there, and I thought I'd share one since I have nothing exciting to post tonight. Read and discuss, or I'll brain you with a chair leg:

Life must be miserable for us, otherwise we would have no urge to make it better for others. A happy life is a selfish life. A person who is truly happy contributes nothing to society. They are fulfilled in their happiness and are strongly resistant to any change. Any change for the better can only come from the discontent people who cannot stand to see their children suffer through the pain that has afflicted them. A person who is happy cannot comprehend the suffering of people around them. We see the world through ourselves. A happy person knows that it is possible to be happy and will tell the unhappy that they only have themselves to blame for being in that state. If the happy felt that it may be impossible for everyone to be happy, they no longer could be happy.

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