Tuesday, July 10, 2007

While we're ranting...

When did it become custom to sing God Bless America during the 7th inning stretch of baseball games? Are people afraid that if there isn't a show of patriotism or a public affirmation of god for a whole baseball game, everyone in the stadium will turn communist by the end of the 9th inning? Honestly, I don't even understand why the national anthem is sung at the beginning of every sporting event in this country. Is this done around the world? Do European soccer games have their national anthems played at the beginning of matches? It's just odd to me. Mind you, I have nothing against the national anthem, after all, it is sung to the tune of a British drinking song. But I do find God Bless America to be a lame song that should be buried forever. That's my rant for the night.


DrX said...

"Do European soccer games have their national anthems played at the beginning of matches? "

Yes they do. Both country's, if it's an international game, which they almost always are. Imagine if each US state had an anthem that got sung. Actually, state's do have anthems, I think. We should learn some and insist that they get played before games.

Or maybe we should write a "blue state" anthem and a "red state anthem". Really get some sub-nationalism kicked up a notch. Hmm. This sounds like an interesting project...

kevthegreat said...

If we are going to do the state anthem thing, then the states are going to have to find some better songs:

To name a few of the most lame:
Lousiana's is You Are My Sunshine
Colorado's is Rocky Mountain High
Connecticut's is Yankee Doodle

phishbone23 said...

Hey there is no "God Bless" here for the Astros.....they sing "Deep in the heart of Texas"

kevthegreat said...

That's still lame, but at least it's relevant.