Thursday, July 5, 2007

Controversy from Mr. Bay!

Ah, Michael Bay, a day cannot go by without you finding a way into my thoughts! It seems Mr. Bay posted a message on his blog complaining that two of the producers of Transformers were taking credit for the movie and attempted to gain writer credits despite having nothing to do with the script. You can read a summary in IMDB's blog here. If I were Michael Bay I would give out the writing credits of any of his movies to whoever would take them and distance myself as far as possible from the shit that is spewed into those scripts. On a side note, I'm actually a little surprised that there are actually scripts for his movies. They have the plot of a ten year olds home movie filmed on a VHS recorder. I should know, I was one of those ten year olds, and at that age I'm pretty sure I made a movie or two more watchable than Pearl Harbor. Let's hear it for Stevebo!


DrX said...

Sorry, dude. Pearl Harbor was shite, but Stevebo was miles below that in watchability. At least Bay's movies have good special effects. You had a nerf bow and arrow. And were beating up 6 year old girls, and we were supposed to believe they were hookers or something. No, you are delusional by comparing Stevebo to anything else ever put on film.

Stevebo = crapulescent

PS - I thought we liked Michael Bay now?

kevthegreat said...

Hey, at least Stevebo was only like 5 minutes long. You missed the underlying themes of the film, too. There was some great social commentary in there about violence in society and the unrealistic expectations put on women to not get killed by nerf weapons. And I'm sorry, I really tried to write a post praising The Bay, but I couldn't do it. I just couldn't do it...