Monday, July 9, 2007

Marvel stealing our ideas?

I knew I should have copy written Zombie Hitler! I'm not sure if that's possible, but if it is, then I should have. Here's the cover to Marvel Zombies Vs. Army of Darkness No.1:

Well, at least they have a zombie Captain America beating up Zombie Hitler, and not Jesus. That's right, I started writing a comic about Jesus battling Zombie Hitler and his zombie minions. Now it's in writing in public domain, so if you steal that idea I can sue you or something. Is that how it works? By the way, I thought DrX was bullshitting me when he said they were coming out with a new series of Marvel Zombie comics with Ash from Army of Darkness in them. I have to get these comics...


DrX said...

Dude, this comic rules. It's very fun. Helps to know your Marvel comics, as most of the jokes (and there are lots) are basically Ash's reactions to Marvel super-hero stereotypes. So good.

I've heard that the Army of Darkness comics are pretty good too, though I haven't read any of those.

You should also possibly find Loaded Bible: Jesus versus Vampires, which is a fairly serious take on the second coming in a post-vampire-apocalypse world. The Catholic church finds a way to clone Jesus, and he goes out with a broadsword and fights vampires, until he gets seduced by one. I don't think it's out in paperback though. Only a few issues so far, I think.

kevthegreat said...

Further proof that comics may be the most creative entertainment form today. This is how film should be. People shouldn't be afraid to make movies about Jesus fighting vampires. The problem is cost, I guess. Comics are much cheaper to make than a movie. With digital film, though, the prices are coming down, so I hope soon, film will be on par with it's paperback friend.