Friday, July 6, 2007

By the way

We have had a surge in visitors since yesterday thanks to a link put up in a post on the Giants 101 site to a post I made last week about The Moron of the Day. The source of my ire was a good sport and I highly recommend the site if you are a Giants fan. Also, there are some new comments on the Moron of the Day post that are becoming a little amusing. You learn new things every day, like that there are PC Nazis out there and they have gotten the best of me.


DrX said...

The only same is that a Moron of the Day piece hasn't been posted every day. At this point it's barely Moron of the Week.

kevthegreat said...

Not every day needs a moron. Besides, I'm too write about a moron daily. I'm too busy obsessing about The Bay. You know, I'm not the only one who can post on here, you and Fish could pick up the moron of the day slack if you wanted to.

kevthegreat said...

That second sentence should read, "I'm too lazy to write about a moron daily".