Tuesday, July 31, 2007

What a week...

Michelangelo Antonioni has died at 94 years old. Antonioni was a much respected Italian director and it's been a rough week in Europe. I personally have only seen two of his films (Blowup and L' Avventura) but enjoyed them both. I would highly recommend seeing these two films right after you deplete your Ingmar Bergman film queue. I'm going to include a trailer for L' Avventura here, because I find it very funny. It makes the movie out to be a porno, which it totally isn't. It is a very beautifully shot film, but don't rent it expecting much t&a.

Once again, Roger Ebert has a great essay on the deceased here.

I have actually seen 3 Antonioni films, the third being The Passenger. I don't know why I forgot this film, because I loved it when I saw it. This is the one to rent if you've never watched an Antonioni film before. Hey, it's got Jack Nicholson, how bad could it be?

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phishbone23 said...

Ebert is no Siskel....